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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why Feingold should be President

Here is a politician who is thinking of the rights of Americans when he looks at legislation

I went to the world can't wait rally and it was good. People honked as they passed and halfway through quarter sized snowflakes started falling. Downtown Minneapolis is great in that kind of snow where teh lights catch all the snowflakes. I was dissapointed by the poor showing. This area has millions of people but there were maybe 80 people there. I think that is probably a high extimate.

I am wondering why the democrates are not organizing rallies though. I did not see a single democratic politician there. they say they want to win but they don't. I also didn't meet anyone who is going to make it to Washington.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Courtesy of Booman:
Nelson (FL)
Nelson (NE)
T. Johnson
B. Lincoln

Betrayed by Obama. These democrates don't understand what we are up against.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well there is nothing like a blog to make you wish you were a better writer but anyway. The past week has brought the current administration back defending thier spying on Americans. I think it is very important for americans to make themselves heard right now and I hope that there will be some Feingold supporters present at the various World Can't Wait rallys

The Minneasota one is going to be in Minneapolis at 7:30pm at the Minneapolis Federal Building, 300 S. 4th St., Minneapolis, MN 55415. We'll be meeting on the side of the building with the grassy mounds. Here is a map

I am also hoping to go to Washington on the 4th but that depends on a ride and money. I certainly hope there is a good showing at the local one.

I was reading a story about Alito and I think it is very important to understand that Feingold has voted against Alito's nomination. The Tenneseans for Russ and the CA for Russ sites have covered this better than I. I do have some thoughts on this that were sparked by an article on Raw Story today and I felt compelled as many others did by writing in the comments.

This is a situation where I would hope that democrates understand that there is no tommorrow in this fight. We need a filibuster just to warm the faithful at this point. If they cannot join against this nomination and follow Russ's advice as thier representative on the Judiciary committee then we know that there are democrates so blinded by ambition that they cannot be trusted with our goverment.

I do not like to speak against other potential candidates. One of the things that is frustrating to me though is the feeling that there are many democrates that don't toe the line. I feel that in many ways we have been led to where we are by weak leadership so I think that I will have speak my mind when ohter candidates are pitched. I will not tear down someone just for the sake of Russ winning. However, to get this kind of leadership we are going to have to come out hard against democrates that think they have our vote already.

Hilary Clinton has been getting alot of bad press though deserved. I admired her for her work on health care but we can use her abilities in the senate as well and there is a lot of truth in that article. I don't care for the idea of the presidency being thrown back and forth between elite groups anyway. We would be fools to think that she will not come out swinging though. She is already working to rid herself of the equivocator reputation and by 2008 she will hve patched up her liberal street cred if that what is needed. She is already starting.

In truth 2008 has already started as we are aware. A blog like this is a sign of that. The problem here is that if we are too polite we will never make it through.

I worry that Feingold will flare out like Dean. There are some powerful challenges coming and Hilary is not it. Al Gore will most likely be more challeging with articles like this. My last post was a borderline rant but Russ is already being fitted for the VP office. We are going to have troubles fundraising and if he is going to win we on the net really need to sit down and get ahold of his staff and see what they are thinking and how we can help. If anyone has ideas about this please comment.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

VP- Screw that

Don't waste this man on the Vice Presidency.
It is inevitable that there is going to be talk about Russ Feingold being VP. I think that would be a poor way to waste the leader that we have in Russ Feingold. We need leadership desperately now. I think Feingold would be great for president because his leadership abilities. His strengths are useless where they will not be used. I think we would be better off with Russ staying in the Senate than waste his time with the Vice Presidency. We certainly need to get the senate back too.

I am sure if it would make a difference on which party would win he would agree to be VP however which ever candidate that is proposed for President because of their supposed party support would also be a fine VP for Russ. I think that we should be putting experience behind Russ so that he can lead. We either believe in his message or not. He is not the candidate you vote for because of his experience, even though he is experienced. You vote for him because of his honesty and integrity. Feingold also rewon by a 12% margin over Kerry in the last election. Yeah I read that on left watch 2.0 but it is still true. Nationally that would have beat Bush. I think that he can take almost anyone because he has already proven himself in Wisconsin. He can campaign in rural areas as well as the suburbs

Put some one else behind him for president. Think if Hilary decided to be Feingold's VP, or Al Gore. You have the new and honest and the proven and experienced. Better yet put Wesley Clark behind Feingold so that there would be some military experience in the executive branch.

08 is going to be a ticket election. It is going to be a new ticket and the old guard Democrats are going to have to make room. The conservatism in the progressive philosophy is Feingold's strength.

I think there is a malaise with the old guard in the Democratic Party that think that it is their time cause "Hey how can we lose after this administration". This is the kind of weakness and lack of cohesion that has brought us to the point that we are at now. Hilary and Reid can bring us back the Senate. I can't think of any of the other prospective candidates being President before Feingold.

What are they going to use as strength for the democratic nomination. The fact that they rolled on every vote. I think another lesson of the past five years is that governors don't have the experience for the global society. I don't think we have time to bring someone up to speed.

He is going to kick ass on the campaign trail. Imagine the moralists trying knock his divorce. They are going to drive so many voters right to Feingold with that strategy. Forward with Feingold!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Minnesota for Feingold

Minnesota for Feingold!

One of the best things I feel I can do is simply find and share footage from Russ

Tennesseans for Russ
found this link

It is a straight forwardspeech from cspan' s Road to the White House.

There is an Iowa for Feingold blog now so go one and say hello.

Monday, January 16, 2006

What a great speech by Al Gore, I wish he had won. It does sometimes drive me crazy that Al Gore has been said to have run poorly.

He was in a 3 party race and still won the popular vote. Of course in some ways Nader may have been letting us know how bad it was. Maybe he knew something we didn't.

Either way right now we have someone who is not outside of the political process. Senator Feingold is in the thick of the most crucial portions of american policy, familiar with the current issues threatening all americans and thier rights. I think that a filibuster would not be out of order just because it would commit republicans to supporting this corrupt administration. I think the most important thing now that our media is not as free as it used to be we need honest straight forward politicians. Here are some great video links about these issues

A filibuster is a long recognized way to extend debate and force comprimise.

There is a noble tradition of filibuster

This is his view of the wiretapping

I guess we might as well extend debate on the court until we get some answers about Alito's facist legal theories about executive power. I would like Russ to talk about this. It is too bad coversations like this could not be explored. Jeez answer the question. I swear he is just trying to burn time. Russ is keeping on the issues that I believe are going to decide the 06 elections. The power of the presidency viewed by the administration and alito

This is the kind of questions we need answered and he can't do it. What is it going to be like when he is actually on the court.

There is a Minnesota for Feingold Blog I like it's style and I hope I see this guy around.

I also see that there is a meet up happening in Madison on Feb 19th. Madiosn is my home town and I would certainly like to make that meeting since it would be an excuse to visit some good friends as well. I believe that Ilya from russforpresident.com will be there. I certainly will try to bring a friend but i do not see anything up in the cities. If anyone up in the cities knows of something or needs to plan please contact me. Since I cannot leave for the protests on the state of the union i would like to see something locally. If you know of anything please let me know. By the way there is a pretty good WiKi on Russ.

Here is a great reason not to support Wurner for higher office. This should have been an easy question. Just answer the question. That hemming and hawing is the last thing the democrates need right now.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Okay so I was looking around and I ran across this neat site


At the bottom you might notice that there are some comments about the supposed free speech violations in the McCain/Feingold Bill I just wanted to post my comment since I wrote it and it seems a shame not to put it on my brand spanking new Blog.

McCain/Feingold legislation is just another reason to support Russ Feingold for president. He worked over six years to tackle one of the most persistant problems for both sides of the aisle. He also passed it with one of the most respectable republicans around.

The other legislators voted for this so obviously the right did not have too many problems with it. What is the point of freedom of speech if you are corralled by riot police at every single political function anyway. I don’t see people up in arms about that. At the conventions this past year had massive arrests and “Free Speech Zones”

Republican gatherings about national policy such as the social security town hall meetings were staged and people with anti bush shirts and bumperstickers were forcibly ejected from numerous meetings. This administration paid newscasters to support thier agenda and encouraged purgery.

The NSA and the FBI is watching peace groups and the NYPD is putting under cover officers into political rallies. We have SERIOUS constitutional issues right now. Russ has been on the right side. The rights in the constitution are for individuals. It would be nice if we could have PACS but the obvious abuse prompted responsible, gutsy politicians to tackle the issue.

During the election this is going to be a non starter since McCain is on it. What are the republicans going to do knock thier best candidate. I suppose they could run Guiliani but man he’s got so much baggage. Anyway there are poeple that got tear gassed, knocked out, kicked , arrested, spied on and jailed this year for trying to express thier opinion. It wasn’t because someone tried to pass some campaign finance reform. It is because this administration has scared the coutry sick and that fear has infected the whole coutry. People are afraid to protest. The new republican slogan should be “Watch what you say” Anyway Forward

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mrs Alito and the blow back from TV time for Russ

I have read about some people being disgusted by the “abuse" Alito received when questioned by Senator Feingold. I have also read compassionate statements for Mrs. Alito as she was brought to tears at the nomination hearings today.

This is kind of ugly but... poor, poor Mrs. Alito. How could those horrible, rude democrates make his wife cry like that. They must have been so scary with thier questions.

There are soldiers dying right now and millions have died for the right to choose what kind of government we are going to have. Are we are supposed to forget the incredible amount of power this guy is going to have and not question him. When you think about it we are going to be questioning him, through the courts, for the rest of our lives about what we can and can't do. I think he can take some questions for Christ’s sake. What's more he is refusing to answer on the grounds that he might have to make a decision at some point in the future. I think it is a good idea that the judge you have looking at your case should not have stock in your opponants company.

I am sure that the ten year old girl that was stripped searched for entering a house that had been issued a warrent was crying but that is not what these hearing are about. I think it would be nice to know why that is a good idea for our nation. How does that make us more free and safer. I think these questions are questions about the price of safety versus freedom. It concerns me that Alito lied ( or insert whatever euphanism you care to insert) about why he took a case he said he was going to recluse himself from. Feingold is the people's representative and even if Alito has the votes I want the questions asked.

As far as abuse I am sure the innocent people tortured at Abu Graib and Gitmo cried too. (I think we can agree that there are most likely some innocent people there still.)

It just makes me sad. The election is four years away and according to some Russ is now that prototypical crazy, moonbat, liberal. Suddenly in four days he is stupid, mean, sadistic and opportunistic. Apparently he is mean to pressure Alito in front of all those cameras. He is stupid to think he get Alito to give him an answer. He is sadistic because he came with germane questions about legal matters instead of broad statements . The constant theme now is "Oh he just wants to be president." It is a expession of our political ennui when a politician doing his job is considered a show off.

This is more of both sides realizing " Ohhh, he could be president!" I think of the fear and thirst for real politicians that that indicates. There was one article about the positive things he has been doing lately and he gets a little bit noticed and suddenly the right wing floodgates are opened. I have never seen Senator Feingold debate but I can guarantee you it will not be about lockboxes and fraternity brothers. The sad thing is Russ will probably be a better president for republicans than the current one. Conservatives should be livid at the promises Bush has made and not kept. The strongest republican candidate, Senator McCain, has partnered with Russ on major campaign reform. The only reason Russ is even getting noticed is precisely because he has been successful working with republicans but now he is a crazy liberal. There was a time when McCain/Feingold would have been my dream ticket.

Feingold asked questions at a hearing. That is what he is on the Judiciary Committee for. That's what hearings are for.

Anyway I guess I don't think it is going to be the war that is the issue. I think it is going to be the corruption and deceit that is going to be the issue.

It is all a sign of the fear and thirst progressive politics inspire.

The fear wafts from neocon bunkers like this tripe I guess we should really start paying attention to how they are going to try to swift boat Senator Feingold. Exibit #1

The thirst I hope shows on sites like this. I hope they ask more questions. I hope Kennedy gets his documents. I hope someone brings an honest witness. I hope they get a straight answer out of this guy. I hope.

Changes and realizations


Today I realized that my change was the same template as another person doing a Russ Feingold for President blog. I decided to change it and I decided to change the title as well to reflect where I am at- MN- As soon as I figure out links I will start putting them together though I can tell you that there are a bunch of interesting clips out there right now.


This a good analysis that is pretty much lays out the wiretapping issue.

a little more of his opnion about the legality of these actions

Well that is about it today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Feingold asks the right questions

I read some accounts of the confirmation hearings but I didn't get to look into anymore since I had to work. I did read that Russ was questioning Alito about whether he was coached by the administration on how to answer questions about the NSA scandal. That is great. I have felt that the Bush nominations have been to protect them in the future and if they did coach a Supreme Court nominee for their political gain that would be telling on several levels. Way to go Russ.

Speaking of campaign reform Russ has been a leader on this and here is the latest information on this. http://feingold.senate.gov/~feingold/releases/06/2006105.html

I am hoping to develop this blog a little more and spruce it up but I will have to wait for the weekend and I will be getting some more information. I can't seem to get links as hyperlinks. Oh well there is time to figure it out. I will have to fix up my profile as well I guess. I found another site recently by a law student in Penn. I will find that site in time. I am going to contact the Feingold staff and see what they are recommending.

I was thinking about what I want to do with this site and I realized that the best way for me would be to use it as a personal journal on steps taken toward getting Russ elected. I will, in time, hopefully have more exciting things to write about Right now is so early that there is not so much to say except to keep track of the important issues for us all that seem to be getting airtime in reference to Sen. Feingold. That is about it. I will be trying to get other folks involved. I figure I will have to start with a my space linked but I am ready to play some COD now.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Feingold for President

Well I have liked Russ Feingold for a long time. I finished High School in Middleton, Wi so I was aware of him. I had never met him but because of his proximity I knew that he was very well regarded and lived in the neigborhood in a pretty modest house.

I have always like politics but there are some key reasons why Russ Feingold is a great candidate for the democrats and the country. These thoughts are for the most part backed up things that I have read about Sen. Feingold from the past. I think that this will be important as we let other people in the midwest and the rest of the country know since a mans actions are the best way to judge his character. I will start a basic list right now and I will for the most part endeavor to get information related to the senator posted.

In time I would like to start having meetings to raise awareness around the Twin Cities area. If the past five years have taught us anything about our country is that the founders of this country took great pains to define the powers of the executive branch and it requires someone intelligent, educated, experienced and grounded. I will list my reasons and then we will see what happens.

1. Senator Feingold is a Rhodes scholar.

2. Senator Feingold was a lawyer so he respects and understands the law.

3. Senator Feingold worked for years to address campaign finance reform long before Abramoff.

4. Senator Feingold has worked on these issues with respected republicans such as McCain.

5. Senator Feingold is not afraid to be a progressive in the classic sense. This is shown to me by his attendance at the shadow convention for the democratic party almost immediately after the Seattle protests in 2000.

6. Senator Feingold is not a partisan hack. He has voted against his party when he disagreed; for example he voted in favor of Ashcroft. The reason is that someone's religion should not disqualify them from public office. That was and will be a hard vote to live down but that does show character.

7. Senator Feingold was the only member of Senate to vote against the Patriot Act. He understood the potential for abuse. That shows foresight.

8. Senator Feingold voted against Iraq but for Afganistan. That shows attention to nuance and an understanding of the issues that are shaping our world right now.

Well there are several other reasons but that will suffice for now. Feel free to add any of your own.