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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Feingold stays on target

Well Feingold is taking the lead in the forgotten conversations in this country. While many other democrates are still in the "It's the Economy Stupid" mode in the wake of the outrageous gas prices Feingold reminds America that it is in fact the war.

Of course gouging and the war are the roots of our average folk's economic problems right now but others seem blind to this cause and effect. Of course there is corruption administration involved.

Now he was the first to suggest this and many other leaders have suggested as much. The important thing to me here is he is staying on target. Focus and consistancy in message are going to help in any race. Of course it is easier to do this when you have principles.


  • At 7:57 AM, Blogger Honest dem said…

    I think of myself as Wellstone democrat. I ahve been a life long democrat. I have witnessed Feingold ask persident bush to appoint Patrick Schilling as Western Wisconsins federal DA. He was voted out by a two thirs majority after vilating the rights of child. One parent killed another. This is a republican county voting in a democrat. I also witnessed Feingold involved in the Privitization of Sawyer County Housing. This was millions in FUD FRAUD. This is a wolf in sheeps clothes.

  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger Joel said…

    Yes, Russ started out on target and has stayed there. He got great reviews of his speech at the National Press Club on just the topics Charles mentions. See (concatenate this URL)

    Please join us at the next meeting of Minnesota for Feingold, Coffee Bene, 53 Cleveland Avenue South, Saint Paul (next to Davanni's Pizza at Grand Avenue) at 7 pm Thursday May 11 for May's Minnesota for Feingold meeting. We will exchange views on current Presidential politics and decide on next steps for the Feingold movement in Minnesota.

    Joel Clemmer


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