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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Feingold stays on target

Well Feingold is taking the lead in the forgotten conversations in this country. While many other democrates are still in the "It's the Economy Stupid" mode in the wake of the outrageous gas prices Feingold reminds America that it is in fact the war.

Of course gouging and the war are the roots of our average folk's economic problems right now but others seem blind to this cause and effect. Of course there is corruption administration involved.

Now he was the first to suggest this and many other leaders have suggested as much. The important thing to me here is he is staying on target. Focus and consistancy in message are going to help in any race. Of course it is easier to do this when you have principles.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Who else has put themselves on the line?

I am sitting here noticing that there is no Feingold news lately but the thing that strikes me is that no one else has had the courage to call this president to account. All the other prospective candidates are quiet as mice waiting and watching while good men die and our rights are trampled.

The only item today from a democrat is about Hilary fund raising and that she is not polling so well. Unfortunantly she and other supposed candidates are too worried about the future race to actually defend our rights right now. I just don't believe that any of these candidates have a record to encourage us to believe that they would scale back the executive branch.

Kerry -god love him- thinks that there should be a line item veto for the president. While it is a clever way to make the president responsible it smackes of brinkmanship that is too dangerous now. Kerry will stand up but he is rarely the leader in these movements.

Edwards will be likeable and has a good heart but has only served one term in the Senate. In the end I come back to Feingold.

Feingold has stayed effective within his office while getting important conversations started.

Conversations about human and civil rights.

Convesations about the legality of this President's actions.

Hilary could have been having these conversations but I think she is focusing on fundraising instead of her constituents. The only serious balking she had with this president was over the port deal. A tempest in a tea pot and of course the saddest thing about that episode was that it relied on fear. I think it is important to remember that the only issue that has united the republicans and the other candidates for president is the agreement that fear mongering is a valid political strategy. This means to me that we can expect more of the same fear mongering from the non progressive democrates. I guess the questions is at what price victory?

Issues of justice, peace, equality have been washed away by the idea that the use of fear and fundraising is the most effective motivation to the american people. If that is the path of the democratic party then they will win a meaningless victory.

It is not that republicans are intrinsically bad for the country. It is that their leadership is ethically challenged and cynical about the political process. Let's not make the same mistake. Russ Feingold for President.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Second Meeting

Well we had our second meeting and had some new and interesting faces. Joel once again pulled it together with a great location.

I guess there just hasn't been much news. What the heck happened to the censure motion?

I'm into this and I read the news all the time. Apparently there is nothing like secret groups operating in Iran to change the news.

Mclennen is gone and Rove is still being paid to campaign.