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Monday, January 16, 2006

What a great speech by Al Gore, I wish he had won. It does sometimes drive me crazy that Al Gore has been said to have run poorly.

He was in a 3 party race and still won the popular vote. Of course in some ways Nader may have been letting us know how bad it was. Maybe he knew something we didn't.

Either way right now we have someone who is not outside of the political process. Senator Feingold is in the thick of the most crucial portions of american policy, familiar with the current issues threatening all americans and thier rights. I think that a filibuster would not be out of order just because it would commit republicans to supporting this corrupt administration. I think the most important thing now that our media is not as free as it used to be we need honest straight forward politicians. Here are some great video links about these issues

A filibuster is a long recognized way to extend debate and force comprimise.

There is a noble tradition of filibuster

This is his view of the wiretapping

I guess we might as well extend debate on the court until we get some answers about Alito's facist legal theories about executive power. I would like Russ to talk about this. It is too bad coversations like this could not be explored. Jeez answer the question. I swear he is just trying to burn time. Russ is keeping on the issues that I believe are going to decide the 06 elections. The power of the presidency viewed by the administration and alito

This is the kind of questions we need answered and he can't do it. What is it going to be like when he is actually on the court.

There is a Minnesota for Feingold Blog I like it's style and I hope I see this guy around.

I also see that there is a meet up happening in Madison on Feb 19th. Madiosn is my home town and I would certainly like to make that meeting since it would be an excuse to visit some good friends as well. I believe that Ilya from russforpresident.com will be there. I certainly will try to bring a friend but i do not see anything up in the cities. If anyone up in the cities knows of something or needs to plan please contact me. Since I cannot leave for the protests on the state of the union i would like to see something locally. If you know of anything please let me know. By the way there is a pretty good WiKi on Russ.

Here is a great reason not to support Wurner for higher office. This should have been an easy question. Just answer the question. That hemming and hawing is the last thing the democrates need right now.


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