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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well there is nothing like a blog to make you wish you were a better writer but anyway. The past week has brought the current administration back defending thier spying on Americans. I think it is very important for americans to make themselves heard right now and I hope that there will be some Feingold supporters present at the various World Can't Wait rallys

The Minneasota one is going to be in Minneapolis at 7:30pm at the Minneapolis Federal Building, 300 S. 4th St., Minneapolis, MN 55415. We'll be meeting on the side of the building with the grassy mounds. Here is a map

I am also hoping to go to Washington on the 4th but that depends on a ride and money. I certainly hope there is a good showing at the local one.

I was reading a story about Alito and I think it is very important to understand that Feingold has voted against Alito's nomination. The Tenneseans for Russ and the CA for Russ sites have covered this better than I. I do have some thoughts on this that were sparked by an article on Raw Story today and I felt compelled as many others did by writing in the comments.

This is a situation where I would hope that democrates understand that there is no tommorrow in this fight. We need a filibuster just to warm the faithful at this point. If they cannot join against this nomination and follow Russ's advice as thier representative on the Judiciary committee then we know that there are democrates so blinded by ambition that they cannot be trusted with our goverment.

I do not like to speak against other potential candidates. One of the things that is frustrating to me though is the feeling that there are many democrates that don't toe the line. I feel that in many ways we have been led to where we are by weak leadership so I think that I will have speak my mind when ohter candidates are pitched. I will not tear down someone just for the sake of Russ winning. However, to get this kind of leadership we are going to have to come out hard against democrates that think they have our vote already.

Hilary Clinton has been getting alot of bad press though deserved. I admired her for her work on health care but we can use her abilities in the senate as well and there is a lot of truth in that article. I don't care for the idea of the presidency being thrown back and forth between elite groups anyway. We would be fools to think that she will not come out swinging though. She is already working to rid herself of the equivocator reputation and by 2008 she will hve patched up her liberal street cred if that what is needed. She is already starting.

In truth 2008 has already started as we are aware. A blog like this is a sign of that. The problem here is that if we are too polite we will never make it through.

I worry that Feingold will flare out like Dean. There are some powerful challenges coming and Hilary is not it. Al Gore will most likely be more challeging with articles like this. My last post was a borderline rant but Russ is already being fitted for the VP office. We are going to have troubles fundraising and if he is going to win we on the net really need to sit down and get ahold of his staff and see what they are thinking and how we can help. If anyone has ideas about this please comment.


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