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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

VP- Screw that

Don't waste this man on the Vice Presidency.
It is inevitable that there is going to be talk about Russ Feingold being VP. I think that would be a poor way to waste the leader that we have in Russ Feingold. We need leadership desperately now. I think Feingold would be great for president because his leadership abilities. His strengths are useless where they will not be used. I think we would be better off with Russ staying in the Senate than waste his time with the Vice Presidency. We certainly need to get the senate back too.

I am sure if it would make a difference on which party would win he would agree to be VP however which ever candidate that is proposed for President because of their supposed party support would also be a fine VP for Russ. I think that we should be putting experience behind Russ so that he can lead. We either believe in his message or not. He is not the candidate you vote for because of his experience, even though he is experienced. You vote for him because of his honesty and integrity. Feingold also rewon by a 12% margin over Kerry in the last election. Yeah I read that on left watch 2.0 but it is still true. Nationally that would have beat Bush. I think that he can take almost anyone because he has already proven himself in Wisconsin. He can campaign in rural areas as well as the suburbs

Put some one else behind him for president. Think if Hilary decided to be Feingold's VP, or Al Gore. You have the new and honest and the proven and experienced. Better yet put Wesley Clark behind Feingold so that there would be some military experience in the executive branch.

08 is going to be a ticket election. It is going to be a new ticket and the old guard Democrats are going to have to make room. The conservatism in the progressive philosophy is Feingold's strength.

I think there is a malaise with the old guard in the Democratic Party that think that it is their time cause "Hey how can we lose after this administration". This is the kind of weakness and lack of cohesion that has brought us to the point that we are at now. Hilary and Reid can bring us back the Senate. I can't think of any of the other prospective candidates being President before Feingold.

What are they going to use as strength for the democratic nomination. The fact that they rolled on every vote. I think another lesson of the past five years is that governors don't have the experience for the global society. I don't think we have time to bring someone up to speed.

He is going to kick ass on the campaign trail. Imagine the moralists trying knock his divorce. They are going to drive so many voters right to Feingold with that strategy. Forward with Feingold!


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