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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Okay so I was looking around and I ran across this neat site


At the bottom you might notice that there are some comments about the supposed free speech violations in the McCain/Feingold Bill I just wanted to post my comment since I wrote it and it seems a shame not to put it on my brand spanking new Blog.

McCain/Feingold legislation is just another reason to support Russ Feingold for president. He worked over six years to tackle one of the most persistant problems for both sides of the aisle. He also passed it with one of the most respectable republicans around.

The other legislators voted for this so obviously the right did not have too many problems with it. What is the point of freedom of speech if you are corralled by riot police at every single political function anyway. I don’t see people up in arms about that. At the conventions this past year had massive arrests and “Free Speech Zones”

Republican gatherings about national policy such as the social security town hall meetings were staged and people with anti bush shirts and bumperstickers were forcibly ejected from numerous meetings. This administration paid newscasters to support thier agenda and encouraged purgery.

The NSA and the FBI is watching peace groups and the NYPD is putting under cover officers into political rallies. We have SERIOUS constitutional issues right now. Russ has been on the right side. The rights in the constitution are for individuals. It would be nice if we could have PACS but the obvious abuse prompted responsible, gutsy politicians to tackle the issue.

During the election this is going to be a non starter since McCain is on it. What are the republicans going to do knock thier best candidate. I suppose they could run Guiliani but man he’s got so much baggage. Anyway there are poeple that got tear gassed, knocked out, kicked , arrested, spied on and jailed this year for trying to express thier opinion. It wasn’t because someone tried to pass some campaign finance reform. It is because this administration has scared the coutry sick and that fear has infected the whole coutry. People are afraid to protest. The new republican slogan should be “Watch what you say” Anyway Forward


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    Welcome. Good to see another Feingold for President blog.

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