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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mrs Alito and the blow back from TV time for Russ

I have read about some people being disgusted by the “abuse" Alito received when questioned by Senator Feingold. I have also read compassionate statements for Mrs. Alito as she was brought to tears at the nomination hearings today.

This is kind of ugly but... poor, poor Mrs. Alito. How could those horrible, rude democrates make his wife cry like that. They must have been so scary with thier questions.

There are soldiers dying right now and millions have died for the right to choose what kind of government we are going to have. Are we are supposed to forget the incredible amount of power this guy is going to have and not question him. When you think about it we are going to be questioning him, through the courts, for the rest of our lives about what we can and can't do. I think he can take some questions for Christ’s sake. What's more he is refusing to answer on the grounds that he might have to make a decision at some point in the future. I think it is a good idea that the judge you have looking at your case should not have stock in your opponants company.

I am sure that the ten year old girl that was stripped searched for entering a house that had been issued a warrent was crying but that is not what these hearing are about. I think it would be nice to know why that is a good idea for our nation. How does that make us more free and safer. I think these questions are questions about the price of safety versus freedom. It concerns me that Alito lied ( or insert whatever euphanism you care to insert) about why he took a case he said he was going to recluse himself from. Feingold is the people's representative and even if Alito has the votes I want the questions asked.

As far as abuse I am sure the innocent people tortured at Abu Graib and Gitmo cried too. (I think we can agree that there are most likely some innocent people there still.)

It just makes me sad. The election is four years away and according to some Russ is now that prototypical crazy, moonbat, liberal. Suddenly in four days he is stupid, mean, sadistic and opportunistic. Apparently he is mean to pressure Alito in front of all those cameras. He is stupid to think he get Alito to give him an answer. He is sadistic because he came with germane questions about legal matters instead of broad statements . The constant theme now is "Oh he just wants to be president." It is a expession of our political ennui when a politician doing his job is considered a show off.

This is more of both sides realizing " Ohhh, he could be president!" I think of the fear and thirst for real politicians that that indicates. There was one article about the positive things he has been doing lately and he gets a little bit noticed and suddenly the right wing floodgates are opened. I have never seen Senator Feingold debate but I can guarantee you it will not be about lockboxes and fraternity brothers. The sad thing is Russ will probably be a better president for republicans than the current one. Conservatives should be livid at the promises Bush has made and not kept. The strongest republican candidate, Senator McCain, has partnered with Russ on major campaign reform. The only reason Russ is even getting noticed is precisely because he has been successful working with republicans but now he is a crazy liberal. There was a time when McCain/Feingold would have been my dream ticket.

Feingold asked questions at a hearing. That is what he is on the Judiciary Committee for. That's what hearings are for.

Anyway I guess I don't think it is going to be the war that is the issue. I think it is going to be the corruption and deceit that is going to be the issue.

It is all a sign of the fear and thirst progressive politics inspire.

The fear wafts from neocon bunkers like this tripe I guess we should really start paying attention to how they are going to try to swift boat Senator Feingold. Exibit #1

The thirst I hope shows on sites like this. I hope they ask more questions. I hope Kennedy gets his documents. I hope someone brings an honest witness. I hope they get a straight answer out of this guy. I hope.


  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger Forward Our Motto said…

    Nice site...nice catch on that comment.

    Feingold received money from someone who worked at the same firm, but not a partner or anything. However, despite the fact that this is barely a connection, Russ returned the money anyways.

  • At 10:07 PM, Blogger TruthWlNs said…

    Funny how a woman crying and Russ Feingold's name would come up in the same article. Seems Russ' TWO ex wives may be on to something

  • At 7:33 AM, Blogger J. Clifford said…

    Yeah, I rolled my eyes at this stuff too. Like this wasn't a setup. It made me think of that scene in Casablanca where the chief of police says he's shocked that there's gambling going on in Rick's, then collects his winnings.

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    I've started out the work on the site, but thought that maybe you would have some ideas for its completion. You can find it at:


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