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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Feingold for President

Well I have liked Russ Feingold for a long time. I finished High School in Middleton, Wi so I was aware of him. I had never met him but because of his proximity I knew that he was very well regarded and lived in the neigborhood in a pretty modest house.

I have always like politics but there are some key reasons why Russ Feingold is a great candidate for the democrats and the country. These thoughts are for the most part backed up things that I have read about Sen. Feingold from the past. I think that this will be important as we let other people in the midwest and the rest of the country know since a mans actions are the best way to judge his character. I will start a basic list right now and I will for the most part endeavor to get information related to the senator posted.

In time I would like to start having meetings to raise awareness around the Twin Cities area. If the past five years have taught us anything about our country is that the founders of this country took great pains to define the powers of the executive branch and it requires someone intelligent, educated, experienced and grounded. I will list my reasons and then we will see what happens.

1. Senator Feingold is a Rhodes scholar.

2. Senator Feingold was a lawyer so he respects and understands the law.

3. Senator Feingold worked for years to address campaign finance reform long before Abramoff.

4. Senator Feingold has worked on these issues with respected republicans such as McCain.

5. Senator Feingold is not afraid to be a progressive in the classic sense. This is shown to me by his attendance at the shadow convention for the democratic party almost immediately after the Seattle protests in 2000.

6. Senator Feingold is not a partisan hack. He has voted against his party when he disagreed; for example he voted in favor of Ashcroft. The reason is that someone's religion should not disqualify them from public office. That was and will be a hard vote to live down but that does show character.

7. Senator Feingold was the only member of Senate to vote against the Patriot Act. He understood the potential for abuse. That shows foresight.

8. Senator Feingold voted against Iraq but for Afganistan. That shows attention to nuance and an understanding of the issues that are shaping our world right now.

Well there are several other reasons but that will suffice for now. Feel free to add any of your own.


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