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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Feingold asks the right questions

I read some accounts of the confirmation hearings but I didn't get to look into anymore since I had to work. I did read that Russ was questioning Alito about whether he was coached by the administration on how to answer questions about the NSA scandal. That is great. I have felt that the Bush nominations have been to protect them in the future and if they did coach a Supreme Court nominee for their political gain that would be telling on several levels. Way to go Russ.

Speaking of campaign reform Russ has been a leader on this and here is the latest information on this. http://feingold.senate.gov/~feingold/releases/06/2006105.html

I am hoping to develop this blog a little more and spruce it up but I will have to wait for the weekend and I will be getting some more information. I can't seem to get links as hyperlinks. Oh well there is time to figure it out. I will have to fix up my profile as well I guess. I found another site recently by a law student in Penn. I will find that site in time. I am going to contact the Feingold staff and see what they are recommending.

I was thinking about what I want to do with this site and I realized that the best way for me would be to use it as a personal journal on steps taken toward getting Russ elected. I will, in time, hopefully have more exciting things to write about Right now is so early that there is not so much to say except to keep track of the important issues for us all that seem to be getting airtime in reference to Sen. Feingold. That is about it. I will be trying to get other folks involved. I figure I will have to start with a my space linked but I am ready to play some COD now.


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